About AY Electronics

A.Y. Electronics has over 37 years of experience in supply chain management, high-tech manufacturing and top tier engineering.


A.Y. Electronics was founded by Arik Rod in 1980. Mr. Rod strongly believed in the future of electronics. He foresaw that electronic products were going to become an integral part of daily life in every home and office. His vision was to create a company that specialized in integrating expertise regarding mechanical and electrical components with the concept of providing the lowest "total cost" solution, in order to increase the affordability of electronic products for all.

From 1990 onwards A.Y. Electronics has been developing global partnerships with authorized distributors of several tier-one quality component manufacturers and distributers. A.Y. Electronics now has sourcing offices in Germany, Korea, Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong and our procurement team operates 24/7 to source and supply our customers with the most up-to-date electronic components available, through our partnerships with distributors such as Samsung.

In 2000 A.Y. Electronics identified a growing trend of outsourcing within the high-tech industry and, in 2004, acquired Partner Manufacturing to ensure that we continue to excel in supplying the electronics industry with a complete range of supply chain management needs.

Who we are

Yaniv Rod

President and CEO

Yaniv has 25 years of experience in the semi-conductor business and since 2004 has served as CEO of both A.Y. Electronics and its subsidiary Partner Manufacturing. He is a member of the management of A.Y. Holdings and has a degree in business and marketing.

Asaf Mirvis

Managing Director

Asaf is responsible for overseeing A.Y.’s activities, including marketing and sales, supply chain management, and business development. Asaf joined A.Y. Electronics in 1996 and has a degree in business management and economics.

Itay Rod

Chief Operations Officer

A member of the management of A.Y. Holdings, Itay joined A.Y. Electronics in 1997. He manages A.Y.’s support services for logistics and material as well as overseeing coordination and communication within the different divisions. Itay has a degree in business management.

Israel Cohen

Global Marketing Manager

Israel is responsible for marketing and sales for A.Y.’s supply chain management and production services. Prior to joining A.Y. Electronics in 2011, Israel worked as an engineer, first at STG International and then at Zicon Ltd. where he specialized in supply chain management, as well as overseeing the manufacturing of numerous military, medical, and commercial projects.

Gil Plotnizky

VP Strategic Projects and Technology

Gil has over twenty years of experience developing medical devices, telemedicine, e-health and medical service centers among others. Prior to joining A.Y. Electronics, Gil was CEO of BeMedic Consultants and managing director of SERG Medical, a global health development company. Gil began his career as a regional manager at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California.

Itzik Weinstein

V.P. of Operations

Itzik has over thirty years of experience in managing large scale projects in China and the U.S. Prior to joining A.Y. Electronics, Itzik worked at Intel, DSPC, and Orbotech, as well as at two start-up companies, Tigo Energy and CTP.

Igal Launer

Chief Technology Officer & QA Manager

Igal’s responsibilities include providing high level technical advice to A.Y. customers as well as being responsible for A.Y.’s quality assurance system. Before joining A.Y. Igal was general manager of R.M. Electronics. Prior to that, Igal spent ten years at the headquarters of SCITEX in Brussels, where he specialized in managing technical support and services for SCITEX customers all over Europe. Igal holds a B.Sc in electronic engineering from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel.

Meir Reifen

Engineering Department Manager

Meir has thirty-six years of experience in components engineering, printing technology, telecommunications network system integration, software and hardware engineering, and new product integration. Prior to joining A.Y. Electronics, Meir was project manager at Scitex, Comverse, and Digitek. He has a degree in practical engineering, electronics, computers, and business management.

Yossi Levi

Logistics & Planning Manager

Yossi is in charge of the electronic manufacturing services program of A.Y. Electronics. He has twelve years of experience managing and planning projects within the electronics industry in Israel. Before joining A.Y. Yossi was planning manager at Zicon Ltd. He has a degree in practical industrial engineering.

Orna Machlof

Finance and Accounting

Orna is responsible for A.Y.’s financial transactions and reports. Orna has over thirty years of experience in the accounting field. Prior to joining A.Y. in 2000, Orna worked at Magal Security Systems.