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A.Y. Electronics - Distribution Divisionis is a focused distributor serving the needs of the electronics OEM community in the Israel .

We represent a modest number of suppliers who manufacture semiconductors, related electronic components , electro-mechanical and IoT modules. We seek to understand their products in depth and to offer outstanding levels of commercial and technical support to our customers.

New Supplier - MXCHIP

Shanghai MXCHIP Information Technology Co., Ltd. (MXCHIP), a global leading IoT solution provider, is honored as Little Giant high-tech enterprise in China. MXCHIP provides enterprise customers with hardware product and intelligent solution for various scenarios.

The hardware products include self-developed wireless modules, chips and gateways, software development services include APP and Cloud SaaS development. Specialized in IoT industry for decades, and collaborating with mainstream cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS, Alibaba Cloud and Microsoft Azure,

MXCHIP has served more than 1,000 enterprise customers worldwide and connected more than 40 million devices. This gives MXCHIP rich product and project experience in smart home appliances, smart lighting, smart parks fields and other fields.

New Supplier - XTX

Established in 2014, XTX Technology Inc. is a high-tech enterprise committed to semiconductor chip design. The company passed the certification of ISO 9001 quality control system in 2015. In 2017, XTX was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise and received a 60 million yuan series A round funding from Shenzhen Venture Capital, then another 410 million yuan funding composed of series B round led by Sequoia Capital China Fund and B+ round led by SDIC Ventures in 2018.

Taking root in China and pursuing independent innovation, XTX is committed to become an outstanding general purpose IC design company. The company’s product planning not only covers mature memory technology route, but also has completed a multiple-aspect preparation for the novel memory in the future. Currently, the mass-production products including SPI NOR Flash, NOR MCP, SPI NAND Flash, SD NAND Flash, NAND MCP, etc., are adopted in major applications like Internet of Things,
display and touch, communications, consumer electronics, industrial.

New Supplier - JSC Semi

JSC is a rapidly growing company holding strong global competitiveness in the IoT market specializing in total solutions for memory semiconductors.
JSC’s first step to success began by specializing in the development of mobile memory in year 2000 – which earned JSC recognition from countless globally renowned mobile companies regarding its technical skills. Since then, JSC has developed its own mobile SDRAM lineup and has succeeded in developing M2M, Data Card, and a variety of other NAND MCP to maintain our competitiveness within the IoT market and to become a total solution provider in the memory semiconductor field.

New Supplier - BDE Technology Inc.

BDE Technology, Inc. is an innovation driven company dedicated to green wireless IoT technologies. BDE is committed to providing ultra low power wireless communication technologies, particularly Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Bluetooth Dual-mode, Sub-1GHz, Zigbee, Thread, WiFi and NB-IoT modules and solutions to OEMs, system integrators, device manufacturers and solution providers worldwide.

BDE is a Bluetooth SIG recommended service provider for Prequalified Components, OEM & ODM Products & Reference Designs and Software Application Development. BDE is a Dialog Semiconductor authorized module partner and a TI(Texas Instruments) certified third party module provider.

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