A.Y. Electronics provides a complete range of services to take your product from idea to market. We work with startups and companies from early stage development to NPI (new product integration).

We will work with you to build the production file, procure components, plan the production schedule, and carry out manufacturing and assembly, as well as ensure the seamless integration of the product into your system. We will help you get your product to market confident that it has the best possible components, and was produced in the fastest possible time at the lowest possible cost. Our long history of satisfied customers is your guarantee.

Customer and Technical Management

The in-house technical engineering team at A.Y. Electronics has years of experience understanding and supporting the technical needs of the end user with regards to both hardware and software components. We provide assistance to sales and marketing teams regarding customer support and unmet needs. Our technical team is up-to-date on all international and local regulations, and provides technical after-sale service and support.

Professional Services

  • Technology landscape and creativity
  • R&D and NPI process management
  • Solving technical challenges
  • Ongoing operation plan project management
  • Facilitating consultation with top tier professionals
  • Effective communication

Logistics and Transportation

At A.Y. Electronics we understand that supply and logistics are a critical part of the successful production of a product. This complex system requires cutting-edge technologies and approaches to ensure that it runs smoothly. We bring our vast expertise in supply chain activities to assist you in developing and implementing a customized logistics strategy that is right for your individual product.

Product Enquiry

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