A.Y. Electronics was founded by Arik Rod in 1980. Mr. Rod strongly believed in the future of electronics. He foresaw that electronic products were going to become an integral part of daily life in every home and office. His vision was to create a company that specialized in integrating expertise regarding mechanical and electrical components with the concept of providing the lowest "total cost" solution, in order to increase the affordability of electronic products for all.

From 1990 onwards A.Y. Electronics has been developing global partnerships with authorized distributors of several tier-one quality component manufacturers and distributers. A.Y. Electronics now has sourcing offices in Germany, Korea, Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong and our procurement team operates 24/7 to source and supply our customers with the most up-to-date electronic components available, through our partnerships with distributors such as Samsung.

In 2000 A.Y. Electronics identified a growing trend of outsourcing within the high-tech industry and, in 2004, acquired Partner Manufacturing to ensure that we continue to excel in supplying the electronics industry with a complete range of supply chain management needs.

Management team


Yaniv Rod


With 25 years of experience in the semi-conductor business, Yaniv serving as CEO of A.Y. subsidiary Partner Manufacturing since 2004. A member of the management team of A.Y. Holdings.

ItayRod - Copy

Itay Rod

Vice President

A member of the management of A.Y. Holdings, Itay joined A.Y. Electronics in 1997. He holds a degree in Business Management.

DavidVaktor - Copy

David Vaktor

CEO, Shiratech

David brings 20 years of global operations experience in enterprises such as Ceragon Networks and Applied Materials, where he served as VP of Operations. David’s focus has remained in R&D-based companies, from NPI to mass production and post-sale. David holds an MA in Law.

AsafMirvis - Copy

Asaf Mirvis

Global Distribution &
Business Development Manager

Asaf is an A.Y. Electronics veteran, having joined the company in 1996. In his dual role, he both drives business development and also manages and treamlines the complex logistical challenges of a global electronics distribution chain. Assaf has a degree in Business Management and Economics.

RazPinko - Copy

Raz Pinko

Operations Manager

With 27 years in companies like ECI, Microsemi, Ceragon, and SolarEdge, Raz brings global operational experience in NPI to mass production and operation finance. Raz has also consulted in various fields such as OP control, BI, business innovation, and corporate growth.


Guy Zohar

VP R&D, Shiratech

Guy has 20 years of experience in R&D roles developing enterprise-grade communication systems in global organizations (AVAYA, NSN) and medical equipment (Kodak). Guy has extensive experience with all phases of the product development lifecycle.

Itzik Weinstein

Supply Chain Manager

Itzik brings over 30 years of experience in managing large-scale supply chain projects in China and the U.S. Prior to joining A.Y. Electronics, Itzik worked at Intel, DSPC, and Orbotech, as well as at two start-up companies: Tigo Energy and CTP.

Anat Siman Tov

Planning Manager

Anat joined A.Y. Electronics in 2013 and brings over 20 years of experience in project management, NPI, subcontractors, and supply chain management. Anat earned a degree in Practical Industrial Engineering and Electronics Practical Engineering.

Yossi Levi

Strategic Customers & S.C

Having joined A.Y Electronics in 2012, Yossi is responsible for managing all subcontractors and strategic customers. Yossi has a degree in Practical Industrial Engineering.

Meir Reifen

Engineering Manager

Having joined A.Y. electronics in 2011, Meir is responsible for the Engineering department, including NPI, Components Engineering, and Testing.  Meir earned a degree in Electronics and Computing Practical Engineering, as well as in Business Management.

Inna Yanko

Procurement Manager

With 25 years of experience, Inna is responsible for strategizing and negotiating with suppliers in order to acquire the most cost-effective deals and reduce procurement expenses for A.Y.’s customers. She builds and maintains long-term relationships with vendors, controls the procurement budget, and promotes a culture of long-term saving on procurement costs.

Jacov Hassan

Q.A Manager

Jacov is responsible for refining, updating, and upholding the company's quality control policy. At every stage of production, his goal is to identify any weakness or problem that could jeopardize customer satisfaction.

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